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HGH Serostim Serono 126iu, Serostim is produced by Serono and is one of the top FDA approved made in the USA pharmacy grade human growth hormones available on the market. It’s the only hgh fully approved by FDA for treatment of HIV and AIDS. This high-quality version of the human growth hormone powder in its freeze-dried format can have an amazing effect on the human body. Individuals who take human growth hormone in this type of formula can see benefits that resemble a fountain of youth. With increased muscle mass, their immune system function, reduced body fat, elimination of wrinkles and better hair growth as well as lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol, this is a hugely beneficial health product. HGH can help you to push yourself further during training, heal faster and enjoy better levels of activity. Due to all of its anti-aging, Gen. health, healing and fat mobilization properties hGH is usually taken in smaller doses. Most people supplement their diet with 2 to 3 IU’s of this formula each day. Middle-aged individuals usually take around 1.5-2 IU’s whereas athletes in training respondent greatly to 4 to 5 IU’s of the medication daily. Bacteriostatic water will be needed for dosages which is sold separately. The product holds up best when stored at 2 to 8°C but if unconstituted it can be kept outside of refrigeration for up to one month at a time.

HGH Serostim Serono 126iu, SEROSTIM is HGH made by genetically engineered bacteria. It is recombinant technology HGH. Serostim is a pure 191 amino acid human growth hormone. Its medical uses are to treat children who are short for their age. Or for people who dont produce enough HGH naturally. It is also used to treat muscle wastage in those with HIV.

It is used for non medical purposes

HGH Serostim Serono 126iu, Serostim has probably got a far greater number of people who buy Serostim for what we would call non-medical uses of this product. This includes athletes and body builders who use it to give them an added advantage in competition. Its well known in these circles that Serostim from Merck Serono will give an athlete that extra edge. It will give endurance athletes a 20-30 percent boost over their competitors who do not use this product. This is why Serostim is classed as a performance enhancing product and is therefore banned for that reason.
It is normally injected
Serono Serostim is genuine HGH somatropin and so must be injected. It cannot be used by way of creams, sprays or tablets. You cannot buy Serostim for anything other than injection except for one exception. This is the cool click pen which forces the medicine through the skin without the use of needles.

If you haven’t got the cool click device not to worry most people use the old fashioned way and inject it. Each vial contains 6mg of powder which equates to 18iu. The powder must be mixed very carefully or its easily damaged. Inject the water into the vial containing the powder and let the water run gown the sides slowly. Never shake the vial as the HGH can be rendered useless.

HGH Serostim Serono 126iu, Serostim needs to be injected in different amounts depending on what your goals are. For body builders the usual dose is anywhere between 4-8iu per day split into two doses. Its usually best not to inject just before sleep as injected HGH can interfere with the bodies own natural growth hormone production. For endurance athletes the dose is the same as for body builders. For anti-agers the dose is between 1-3iu per and the dose does not have to be split.

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